Italian apparel and women clothing manufacturing... Italian Business Guide is a complete list of manufacturing, suppliers, vendors and professional companies from Italy. We offer DIRECT B2B CONTACT between Italian producers and world distribution... fashion apparel, power transmission, beauty care cosmetics, equipments, food, furniture, engineering, electronics, automation, fashion shoes, tiles, italian real estate, chemical... Your gateway to the Italian manufacturing suppliers...

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Women shirts manufacturing company, Italian ladies fashion and classic shirts manufacturer suppliers. Italian women shirts collection for made in Italy wholesale business to business distribution at manufacturing pricing


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Women shirts manufacturer classic and fashion women shirts manufacturing industry for made in Italy business to business wholesalers and private label brands. We produce vip fashion shirts, vip lady classic shirts, clothing prototypes, customized collection development at manufacturing pricing for made in Italy women shirts wholesalers

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Simply Woman - Clothing Manufacturer
Via Morse 5, 41012 Carpi (Modena) Italy
Tel Italy: ++39 (339) 700.4992

Italian classic women vip fashion apparel for distribution

Women and Men American fashion jeans, wholesale production of women jeans and classic men jeans, American jeans manufacturing industry produces collections of denim blue jeans for women and men. We are looking for jeans distributors in the USA, Canada and Latin America, offering a high end collection of women blue jeans designed for a young look and fashion American style, jeans created to support worldwide distribution and increase the business to business of our customers

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ITALIAN WOMEN SHIRTS MANUFACTURING SUPPLIERS women's italian style dress shirt manufacturing supplier using the best italian fabric option100% cotton and polyester, women shirts design with double collar italian style, peaked collar, spread collar, small peaked collar, button-down collar, stand collar and other customized Collar according to our distributor market. Cuff options as large round edge, double-button with large round edge, double button chamfering cuff, chamfering cuff, circular bead cuff, double fold french cuff, and tailormade special cuff for your women shirts collection. High end quality with our more than 20years experience of making shirts with our Italian refined workmanship, customized OEM and ODM... MADE IN ITALY FOR WOMEN FASHION SHIRTS DISTRIBUTORS

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Women Shirts code 216: made ​​in silk satin with chiffon sleeves and Swarovsky written on the front
Minimum manufacturer order woman shirts 100 pieces per color
Woman production sizes from S to 3XL
We offer to produce your Made in Italy apparel Private Label


Woman Shirt code 115: made ​​of cotton canvas striped with pink print on the back and metal buttons to push
Minimum manufacturer order Shirt 100 pieces per color
Woman production sizes from S to 3XL
We offer to produce your Made in Italy apparel Private Label





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MADE IN ITALY DEVELOPMENT Simply Woman srl is devoted to the constant development of manufacturing activities, styling, choice of materials with exclusive prints, delicate tricots, embroidery and the utmost care that is given to each phase of production process, a combination that ensures a certified product. We are looking worldwide for distributors in Russia, Italy, Japan, Australia Germany, France, Canada, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Holland, Great Britain, China, United States of America, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine... 100% MADE IN ITALY



SIMPLY ELEGANT AND REFINED WOMAN Our collections are dedicated to vip woman, who is fashion conscious and who appreciates the quality of Italian materials enriched with rhinestones and embroidery, which make the final product unique. Apparel for women who love soft, yet elegant styles with exclusive, precious details, thanks to the use of only purely natural materials such as viscose and silk Jersey and viscose tricot. Our products habe been created only for Italian materials to guarantee to our worldwide clients who want a product 100% MADE IN ITALY




Italian Business Guide your Gateway to Manufacturing suppliers and vendors DIRECT from Italy Jewelry producers, leather products suppliers, Italian Furniture manufacturing, Machinery suppliers, Power transmission suppliers, Equipments, Beauty care, Wine suppliers, Extra virgin Olive oil, Shoes, Furniture, Real estate food containers, Realtors, health care, home furnishing...

Italian Business Guide is a complete list of manufacturing, suppliers, vendors and professional companies from Italy convinced and prepared to support your business DIRECTLY at manufacturing pricing and high level customer service, Italian apparel, socks, pants, women lingerie, men lingerie, fashion, women pants, men ties, gown, suit, apparel...



The Italian Business Guide engineers work hard to support the Italian women dress apparel manufacturing, clothing, fashion companies in Italy and the USA and worldwide distribution companies creating a great relationship. Through the Italian apparel lingerie manufacturing, Italian apparel socks clothing supplier, Italian fashion apparel lingerie clothing supplier, Italian fashion shirts manufacturing, Apparel clothing suppliers from Italy, Italian clothing fashion apparel fashion manufacturing, Italian apparel clothing supplier web pages we reach this goal. Made in Italy, the italian apparel, pants, socks, lingerie, fashion, clothings manufacturing, vendors and suppliers listed in Italian Business Guide offer on our site are the best apparel, fashion, lingerie, ties, shirts, pants, clothing manufacturing products as Italy fashion tradition. Made in Italy to California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Germany, France, England, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, UAE, Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay,  Japan, England, Russia, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Bahrain, New Zealand, Holland, Spain, Scotland, Sweden... and worldwide fashion apparel market


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